Who are we?

We are a boutique roaster offering quality freshly roasted coffee in Cairns for over 20 years.
Our Cafe based in the heart of Cairns at the Marina is a relaxing place for a catch up with friends, family or couples.

We offer breakfast, lunch and sweet snack.

Additionally our coffee and food is available for purchase in store or via this website.

There are a number of factors contributing to a good coffee.

Our head barista works diligently, adhering to these best practices for coffee making that are well established here at Coffee Bean Estate.

Whole Beans, Tea’s, Hot Drink Alternatives & Coffee and Tea Accessories

We source products for our customers based on our in-house developed criteria which essentially means we have researched and tested all our products prior to them making ithem available on our website.
We are looking for quality, durability and sustainability.

We hope you enjoy your purchases.