Are you open on Public Holidays?

Yes, all Public Holidays except Christmas Day.  Our hours may vary depending on the Public Holiday.  We keep Facebook, Google and our Contact Us webpage up to date with any changes to our operating hours.

I have a 2 cup coffee plunger, what do you suggest is a good bean for this style of brewing?

Single origin and darker roasted beans suit this style of brewing.  The pressure on the extraction process is much less than that delivered by an espresso machine so the grind can be more coarse too.  We recommend a Nicuraguan origin bean for plungers and drip filters.  Our Nicuraguan dark roasted beans will deliver a strong coffee with a naturally occurring cocoa flavour.

Do you offer Vegan friendly meals?

We are not a 100% vegan cafe but we are interested in providing nutrient rich foods and as a result you are likely to find many vegan styled dishes and options on our menu.

Do you cater for Celiac diets? 

We have gluten free options and we have good practices in place to prevent cross contamination.  We do not however have designated areas for the sole purpose of preparing gluten free food.  This may not suit all Celiac sufferers but may be sufficient for those people who are gluten intolerant.    

Do you accept return of products if I decide I do not like your coffee?

There is a 100% money back guarantee on all our product sales through the the Product Sales page.  Usually with “in house” purchases like food at our Cafe we will ask “How can we fix this for you today?”  Our goal is to have happy customers and so if you do not like your coffee or order we would like to find out more about what it is that we got wrong and hopefully fix it for you.

What is the delivery time for your products? 

Orders for retail products that are received via the website are usually shipped  with in 24-48 hours of receipt of the payment.  Depending on the size of the order and destination of the delivery we will choose a method of delivery to achieve a 4-5 day delivery time frame in Queensland and a week for all other states.  Of course if you wish to receive your order sooner and you are in a location that can receive express deliveries we will happily express post your items at an additional cost.