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David and I herald from an Information Technology background and have and interest in innovation, business, science and sports. Therefore, it does not surprise us that we have been drawn into the romance of the coffee roasting world. We purchased the Coffee Bean Estate business in September 2008 and have been consistently roasting coffee most weeks since then. The cafe/coffee roasting business was set up originally in 1998 with a medium roast coffee blend that was designed and created by the cafe originator’s, Gina and Steve. It’s a blend of coffee that can really make a coffee sing.

The idea of Coffee Bean Estate is to source beans from quality Estate growers and to protect the farms and families in the process. We do this by sourcing beans from Countries that utilise cooperatives and farmer associations. These associations put great emphasis on quality and aim for the international speciality coffee industry, cooperatives and farmers associations that are helping their members gain influence and hopefully, garner enough profit to enable farmers to continue to improve and invest in their farms and their families.

We purchase around 400-450kg of coffee at any one time, store the beans in-store and roast outside of our cafe operation times.

Our cafe has a wall to wall, silky oak timber sourced from the nearby tablelands. The timber finish along with our floor to ceiling glass windows promotes a relaxed, romantic environment. Sitting in a fully air-conditioned cafe in the tropics of North Queensland, looking out the window on a bright sunny winter’s day whilst sipping a fine coffee or hot chocolate is soothing to the soul.

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